Think Before You Eat (Meal Planning)

Here’s a little preview from my latest photo shoot. Look out for the full release later this week.

We all live very busy lives and sometimes our schedules can be very chaotic. We have so much going on that the last thing that crosses our minds is what we’re going to eat for the day. Of course we know we’re going to eat at some point and normally when we do we just eat the most convenient thing at that time. There is no real concern about whether we got enough protein, vegetables, etc. Whether or not we’ve eaten enough meals for the day or reached our suggested calorie intake don’t really reach top of mind status either. We are just worried about eating something. Does that sound like you or someone you know? Raise your hand if you’ve ever looked up and realized you haven’t eaten in forever. One thing that can help you improve your nutrition, even while having an hectic schedule, is meal planning.
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Squats: A Cure for Anxiety!

Photoshoot Preview

It's a Photoshoot! More pics coming soon

Exciting times!! Not only are we 4 days into the 3000 squat challenge but Creighton University, my little brother’s basketball team,  won their conference championship game and got an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament!! The game was nerve racking for me but really exciting. It went to overtime but in the end they were able to pull it off. I had to do my 200 squats as well as 100 push ups and 100 ab exercises during the game to help keep my nerves down during the game!

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