Mama Said Knock You Out!

I always like to try new workouts. It helps to keep working out from getting repetitive and boring. One of my favorite workouts I like to do outside the weight room is boxing. Ever since I was in high school I wanted to learn how to box, but I did not actually want to compete. About a year ago I had my first boxing workout and ever since that first encounter I’ve loved it.

There are several benefits of doing boxing workouts. The first thing is that it is a complete total body workout. You will use every muscle from your head to your toes. I went into the workout thinking I would just be doing a lot of punching on the speed bag, punching on the heavy bag and of course jump rope. Boy was I wrong! During the workout I also did plenty of abs, arm and leg exercises.

In the class we always did a circuit of different exercises for a certain amount of time. I loved that in these classes the workouts were never the same. That is another benefit of boxing, there is plenty of variety in the workouts. The intensity in the boxing class is very high which helps with burning a lot of calories. Boxing is an overall great workout regardless of your fitness goal. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone muscles, build speed or power you will not be disappointed from a boxing workout.

Just as a word of advice, make sure you are hydrated. Most boxing gyms are hot and don’t always have air conditioning but if you are taking classes at a recreational center you might not have to worry about that. Also, make sure you bring about 8 ounces of water, a sweat towel, and boxing gloves if needed.

The Importance of Breakfast & Photo Shoot: The Fighter

Due to the Holiday weekend we’re going to combine the nutrition post we would normally have on Thursdays with our Photo Friday.

Most mornings when we wake up there’s a routine. For many people it involves getting up, getting dressed and hurrying to work or running errands. There is such a great hurry that breakfast gets rushed, ignored or totally forgotten.  Are you guilty of committing this crime (Yes it is a crime in 49 states. We are still working on New Hampshire)? If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone tell me they didn’t eat breakfast I would be a wealthy woman! Continue reading