March 3000 Squat Challenge Week 2

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We are officially nine days into our 3000 squat challenge. How are you feeling? Your legs should definitely be burning because I know mine are. Today I will show you three different types of squats you can do throughout the month to help switch up your workouts. Doing the same style of squats every time will get boring and you’ll end up getting more out of your workouts over time by alternating squat forms.

*Challenge Rules* 

The goal is to do at least 100 squats per day to reach 3000 squats by the end of the month. You can do all 100 squats at one time or you can do sets of 20 or 25 reps throughout the day. Just be sure to challenge yourself and try to be consistent daily with yours squats. To give you a little extra motivation remember this quote, “Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort”.

Different Types of Squats:

Body Weight Squats
Jump Squats
Overhead Squats
Dumbbell Squats
Medicine Ball Squats
Plie Squats

So let’s go out and work hard this week and get those 100 squats in daily!! Remember you can always feel free to contact me by posting or leave a message on the LMC Fitness Facebook fan page, LMCFITNESS on Twitter, LMCFITNESS23 on Instagram, or email me at