It’s Getting Warm…Are You Ready? (April Abs)

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I enjoyed hanging out with my family and was happy to see my brother who came into town for the weekend. Although it was a holiday I still had a photo shoot and made sure to do ab work for our April Ab Challenge.


Are you all feeling the burn after one week into the challenge? I hope so. Have you tried any of the exercises from last week? Which one was your favorite? As I previously stated we have to make sure we are hitting the four target areas: lower abs, upper abs, obliques and core. It’s mandatory when you are working out your abs to hit all four areas if you want to truly define your abs. Targeting all four areas assists with adding definition and sculpting your abs in different ways. Today I’ll be discussing four new exercises to help work your abs: hip thrust, toe touches, side plank dips, and mountain climbers. Continue reading