June Arm Challenge Week 3


Hey Everyone!! We are halfway through our June arm challenge. You should definitely be feeling the burn in your arms because I know I am. Also hopefully you are able to see a change in your arm strength and hopefully appearance also. This week we will continue challenging ourselves by adding more repetitions to each of our exercises. Remember our goal is to get our arms toned and defined for the summertime!!

*Challenge Rules*

Throughout the month you will perform the same exercises but each week we will increase the repetitions of each exercise. Each week you should be pushing yourself as we process through the challenge. You will have to use either dumbbells or resistance bands on a few of the exercises.

Workout Week 3


  • 30 Push Ups
  • 30 Dips
  • 35 Rows
  • 35 Curls
  • 30 Push Ups
  • 35 Shoulder Press
  • 30 Push Ups


  • 40 Push Ups
  • 40 Dips
  • 45 Rows
  • 45 Curls
  • 40 Push Ups
  • 45 Shoulder Press
  • 40 Push Ups


  • 50-70 Push Ups
  • 50-70 Dips
  • 50-60 Rows
  • 50-60 Curls
  • 50-70 Push Ups
  • 50-60 Shoulder Press
  • 50-70 Push Ups


*You do not have to perform these exercises with heavy weight. Also you can decide how you want to perform each exercise. If you rather complete the total repetitions all at once or break them down into sets before moving on to the next exercise.*

Even though we are halfway through our challenge it is not too late to start. Let’s all finish the remainder of the month of right. Remember to trust the process and know you will get to see progress!!  Also if you ever need any encouragement feel free to leave me a post, a message on the LMC Fitness Facebook fan page, or email me at lmcfitness23@gmail.com.

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