1000 Abs Challenge Week 2

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Happy Monday everyone!! We are entering our second week of our abs challenge. I hope everyone got off to a great start and you all are ready to continue pushing yourself more this week. Today I will introduce a few more of my favorite ab exercises you can use in the ab challenge.

 Challenge Instructions:

*The goal is to do 3-4 ab exercises with a total of 30-50 repetitions daily for beginners. For the more intermediate and advance group to do 4-6 ab exercises with a total of 60-100 repetitions daily. Also if you miss a day you can either pick up where you left off or add them to your current day repetitions. Feel free to get in more abs in if needed. Just make sure to challenge yourself! By the end of the month we want the beginners to have a total of at least 1000 abs, the intermediate group to have at least 2000 and the advance group to have at least 3000 abs attained.*

Ab Exercises:

*We will start this week with 4 of my favorite ab exercises. Remember it is important to hit all 4 areas of our abs which are the upper abs, lower abs, side obliques, and our core which covers everything. Each exercises will work one or multiple areas.*

Plank to Push Up

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  • Start laying down supine on the floor. Then lift your body up with your forearms.
  • You want your back straight and hips lifted.
  • Make sure not to lock your knees. Your abs to be pulled toward spine, shoulders down and back, and head in line with spine. Avoid arching back, lifting butt, or dropping hips to one side.
  • Then your going to go from the plank position to a push up position by coming up first by pushing up with your right hand and then push up with your left.
  • From the push up position you will go back into the plank by going down on your right forearm first followed by your left.
  • Continue going back and forth from plank to push up coming up with your right side first and then switch it up by coming up with your left side first.

*If your beginner I would start off by doing 10 repetitions which would consist of coming up on your right side first 5 times and then coming up on your left side first 5 times. For the more intermediate and advanced group you can do 16-30 repetitions total (8-15 each side).*

Leg Lifts

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  • Start by laying on your back with your hands either by your side or under your bottom.
  • Lift your legs at least 6 inches and hold your legs straight out in front of you.
  • Try to hold your legs out straight for a minimum of 30 seconds if you are a beginner, 45 seconds if your are intermediate, and 60 seconds or more if you are advance.


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  • Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, lightly supporting it with your fingers.
  • Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck.
  • Rotate to the left, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee as you straighten the other leg.
  • Then switch sides by bringing the left elbow towards the right knee.
  • Continue alternating sides in a pedaling motion until your desired repetition.

Seated V-Ups

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  • Sit on the floor or a flat bench with your legs out straight
  • Place your hands palms down behind you. Lean back slightly and use your abdominal strength to lift your legs.
  • Simultaneously bend your legs and bring your knees as close to your chest as possible.
  • Slowly straighten out your legs and return to the starting position. Repeat.
  • Do not let your feet touch the floor during the exercise, keep the tension on the abdominal muscles.

(You can make this exercise more advance by performing this exercise while having your arms raised out to the side.)


I hope everyone has a great second week reaching your daily goals for the abs challenge. Feel free to contact me by posting or leave a message on the LMC Fitness Facebook fan page, LMCFITNESS on Twitter, LMCFITNESS23 on Instagram, or email me at lmcfitness23@gmail.com.

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