March 3000 Squat Challenge!!


Welcome to March!! Not only is it one of my favorite months because of my birthday but it’s also the month of the 3000 March squat challenge!!The goal is to do at least 100 squats per day to reach 3000 squats by the end of the month. It might sound crazy and you might look crazy doing all these squats, but remember it will all be worth it once the summertime comes and people are wondering how you got so toned. So don’t hesitate to join the squat movement!

Not only am I doing it myself but even got all my clients involved and excited about the challenge as well. I know they will do great!! Most people in the group are doing 100 squats a day. Personally, I’m challenging myself to do at least 200 squats a day.

Now I’m sure that some of you are asking, “How am I going to get in 100 squats in a day?” Well there are different ways you can attain your goal. You can do all 100 squats at one time or you can do sets of 20 or 25 reps throughout the day. For example: 25 squats when you wake up, 25 around lunch break, 25 when you get home from work/school, and 25 before sleep. If 100 squats are too many then don’t worry about lowering it to 50, 40, etc. a day. The main thing is to challenge yourself everyday to do as many squats as possible and then do that number consistently.

I’m definitely going to be pushing myself and others to the limit. So far I’ve been hitting my goal of getting 200 squats in. I’d love to hear from you though.Tell me what your goal is for the month and how you are going to reach it?

Let’s all finish this month’s challenge right and continue staying consistent!! Feel free to contact me by posting or leave a message on the LMC Fitness Facebook fan page, LMCFITNESS on Twitter, LMCFITNESS23 on Instagram, or email me at



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