21 Day Food Challenge Week 2


We are officially 7 days into our 21 day food challenge. How is everyone feeling? I hope you all are staying away from all these items on the list. But don’t be discouraged if you slipped up a few times. Just get refocused and get ready to finish the next 2 weeks off right. Remember our nutrition is an important aspect in our fitness journey. It is just as necessary to eat clean as it is to work out.

This is a 3 week challenge that ends right before the holidays on December 23. Remember it normal takes the average person 21 days to create a habit so try to be as consistent as you can. Don’t get frustrated if you slip up because we are working on making a lifestyle change and were not doing this for a temporary fix. Here is the list of food to avoid:

  • No Cake
  • No Muffins
  • No Bread
  • No Chips
  • No Fast Food
  • No Pastries
  • No Ice Cream
  • No Sodas

Once the 21 days are over the goal of this challenge is to inspire everyone to continue either reducing or cutting these items out of your regular eating habits. Hopefully this challenge can help the people who want to make changes in their eating habits start working towards making permanent lifestyle changes. Keep up the hard work your one week in!

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