August Leg Challenge

It is officially August!! I hope everyone enjoyed participating in the cardio challenge last month. Hopefully everyone was able to burn calories, increase their heart rates, as well as lose some body fat. Also hopefully for the people who do not really enjoy cardio befoe were able to find something from the challenge that they could enjoy. I know I personally enjoyed doing a variety of different cardio to help switch up my workouts. But since it is a new month it is time to reveal our new challenge. In August we will be doing a leg challenge! We are going to combine some of the squats, lunges, and certain cardio workouts we have previously done with some new exercises.Instead of starting this challenge in the middle of the week I am going to start it on Sunday the 4th. That way we will have four full weeks to complete the challenge. I will go ahead and explain the muscle groups we are going to target as well as the challenge rules.

I get ask all the time about the type of leg workouts I do and how people can help firm their backsides. So this challenge is a perfect opportunity for me to share some of my favorite leg workouts that have done wonders for me. During the leg challenge we are going to target our hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and calf muscles.

*Challenge Rules*

Throughout the month you will perform the same exercises but each week we will increase the repetitions of each exercise. Each week you should be pushing yourself as we process through the challenge. For most of these exercises you will have an option to use your body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands or gym machines for those participants who are going to be working out in a gym setting.

I hope everyone is excited to start the challenge this month because I know I am. On Saturday I will be going out of the country so I will post the new exercises along with pictures to go with them before I leave. Take these next few days to relax before we start working hard to define our lower body. Have a fun and safe weekend!!

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