Pole Fitness Classes

Last year I wrote an article about the pole fitness trend that was becoming a new popular way for women to workout. In my Pole Fitness Review I talked about my experience of trying a pole fitness class at a friend’s birthday party that was held at a fitness studio. I enjoyed my first experience but haven’t done it again since then. So this year one of my fitness goals was to actually take pole fitness lessons. Every few months I try to find new fitness classes to add something different to my workouts besides just doing my normal resistance training. The last three months in 2012 I took intermediate boxing and it was great but also intense. So I thought trying pole fitness would be perfect.

I got a good deal on CrowdSavings for five beginner classes for $30 at studio called The Perfect Poleforma in Baton Rouge. I went to my first class two weeks ago and I was excited but nervous cause I wasn’t sure what to expect. The fitness studio was a nice size and had five poles. One pole was located in the front for the instructor and the four poles in the back were for the students. I appreciated it being a small class setting and they only allowed 4 people in each class. That way each person had their own personal pole and you didn’t have to worry about sharing like I previously had at the birthday party. This class setting helped each participant in the class to have a whole hour to work on their techniques without any distractions.

The attire we were asked to wear was a tank top, spandex shorts, and no jewelry except for studs. We performed barefoot and did not wear heels like I did previously before. I enjoyed not having to wear heels because that can be dangerous when you don’t really know what your doing. Not wearing heels can also help individuals who may view wearing heels in this setting as being a stripper and can instead focus more on the fitness aspect of the class.

The beginning of each class we always start with warm up exercises. During the warm up we stretch every muscle group, do a few body weight exercises, and finish with a variety of core exercises similar to what you would do in any fitness class. I definitely appreciated the warm up and how the instuctor always emphasizes on how this is a total body workout. Next, we start learning our different techniques using the pole. The instructor has us focus on four to five basic techniques that wil help give us our foundation if we plan to progress to different levels that they offer. Let me tell you it is differently a great workout. You are using all areas of your body to perform these techniques. There is no doubt you won’t be able to improve your upper and lower body as well as core strength. I will also tell you to be prepared to be sore! You work muscles in different ways than you normally work them in the gym or other fitness classes. I lift weights on a regular basis and I was real sore the next day after the first class. I wasn’t as sore after my second class though. The other thing you might incur are pole burns but that also gets better after each class.

At my first class I felt lost at first because the other participants in the class had been taking the class so they knew more than me. But by the end of my first class I felt a litte more comfortable with what was going on. When I went to my second class I got lucky that all the other participants that signed up for that class cancelled so I got one on one time with the instructor. That helped me a lot and I was able to really learn the techniques properly. I was even advised I can probably move up to a higher beginners class pretty soon. So that is my goal that I’m working towards right now and I will definitely keep you all updated on my pole fitness experience. I have taken two classes so far and have had a blast.

So for any women skeptical on trying a pole fitness class I would encourage you to try it out first for yourself before ruling it out. I definitely think pole fitness is something that ladies should try if they want a different fitness experience outside the gym that still challenges your body while having fun in a group setting.

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